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3 Ways Small Business Owners Are Using a New Way to Process Credit Cards to Make Money

For most small business owners, accepting credit cards or credit card processing is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, consumers are choosing plastic in favor of cash more and more. On the other hand, credit card processing fees seem inevitable and often suffocating.

I’ve seen processors that charge small business owners as much as 5%. These fees include interchange costs, processing costs, statements fees and even monthly maintenance fees. These large fees can mean the difference between making ends meet and closing up shop for a lot of American business owners.

The good news is that today many business owners are choosing SWYPING as a way to avoid these exorbitant fees. SWYPING is a no cost merchant services provider that charges the customer not the business owner for the convenience of the consumer to use credit or debit card.

Using SWYPING is helping small business owners in 3 underutilized ways:

  1. Save on Monthly Credit Card Processing Charges

As business owners we are always trying to do anything to cut corners to reduce overhead. Unlocking some of the money we are already making using the SWYPING model is a dream come true. Just yesterday, I helped a liquor store save 60k a year by switching the way they process credit cards. Instead of paying 5k a month in processing fees, this Manhattan based company began to pass the processing fee onto the customer and saved all that money. The owner is now looking ahead to open another location in New Jersey.

  1. Remove Credit Card Minimums and Increase Sales

As credit card processing fees have become more and more expensive, many business owners have created minimums to encourage cash transactions. Allowing customers to use credit cards for under $20 or $10 dollars often becomes unaffordable for the business owner because low ticket transactions carry higher fees from credit card companies.

For instance, I often want to buy a $4 Naked® shake from my local convenience store in the morning on my way out to drop off my kids. If I didn’t plan ahead, I will not have the cash on hand and will not end up buying my drink. If the convenience store could afford to get rid of their minimum credit card policy, I would probably end up stopping by every single morning without hesitation. Can you imagine how many more customers there are like me out there?

  1. Take More Phone and Internet Orders

Traditionally, business owners have tried to avoid the higher fees associated with transactions where the business owner manually enters the cardholder’s information. That means that many business owners have stuck to just retail instead of offering a phone-in-order option or an order-online option. SWYPING has allowed a lot of business owners to look beyond the brick and mortar model by making it affordable to do so.


Up until recently, credit card processing fees have been unavoidable. Things have changed and businesses are using this new way to take credit cards in order to expand their business model and make more money. Any other ideas for small business owners?


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