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Credit Card Processing Can Increase Your Profits By 20%

Every business owner wants to increase revenue and profit without doing anything different and without investing any money or time. Few realize removing credit card processing fees is even a possibility.

Trust me, it works the same way as when I get together with my girlfriends and we exchange notes on the newest diet trends. We want to lose weight while still eating the same and not having to excercise. Just like weight loss, business owners are often scrambling to find any way to trim down overhead expenses, in hopes to increase revenue and profit.

Swyping‘s new way of accepting credit cards is finally making this possible. It uses JetPay’s technology, backed by Wells Fargo. 

A Spotlight on a Local Hair Salon

Accept Credit Cards for Hair Salons

Credit Card Processing for Hair Salon

Meet Sasha. She is a Hair Salon owner in the Midwest. Her customers love doing business with her and she has amassed a good amount of regulars. However, no matter how hard she tries, Sasha cannot seem to breakthrough a certain barrier in profit.

She desperately wants to add a nail specialist to her business but she knows she simply doesn’t have the capital to invest in that. It often seems that without taking out a loan she may never be able to expand her business.

As she looked through her overhead budget, it seemed there was no way to cut away the fat from her expenses. One of the biggest expenses she had was the unbelievably high rates she paid for processing credit and debit cards. It seemed unfair that she had to pay to get paid.

Before joining SWYPING’s unlimited credit card processing program, Sasha was processing $30,000 a month in credit cards. That means she was paying $1,200 a month to the credit card companies.

After paying for rent, supplies, and employees, Sasha took home only $6,000 per month. By keeping the additional $1,200 in her pocket, Sasha increased her profit by 20%.

Sasha took the money she was saving and was able to hire that nail specialist she always wanted. The money she saved with SWYPING credit card processing allowed Sasha to expand her business in a way that made her even more competitive.

Not only did Sasha save more money but the money she saved has helped her grow even more!

If you know of anything else you can do that will increase your profit by 20% without requiring a financial investment on your part, please share!

Our business owners would love to know.



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