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A new way to process checks and other payments, for free: Swyping

As many of you, business owners know, monthly battles with the various fees coming your way can wear you down. As a growing organization, whether big or small, you need room to establish better financial investments. Such as hiring extra help, expanding your offices and so on.

Swyping is a new form of payment processing. She does away with all of these nasty fees and puts you ahead of the competition by eliminating literally thousands of dollars otherwise handed over to credit card companies in the form of interchange fees. At this point, most business owners would feel a bit skeptical – how could this be true?

Let us give you some convincing reasons:

1) Swyping takes advantage of recent modifications to the federal law pertaining to financial regulation. Specifically the Dodd-Frank Act, as well as the settlement approved upon in 2013 regarding the Payment Card Interchange Fee and Merchant Discount Antitrust Litigation. In both of these cases, merchants and business owners from many sectors have gained ground against the unfair taxation that credit card companies and banks have arbitrarily placed on various transactions.

2) Checks are a form of payment usually frowned upon, for some reason we think of them as a rather untrustworthy method. You are encouraged, almost everywhere you look, to use your credit or debit card. With Swyping, you needn’t worry about checks being transferred and taking days to go through. Either with a standalone credit card machine or a Point-of-Service system, checks can be accepted for free now. Make your customers happy.

3) Your overhead budgets are usually tight, as a typical business. Not with Swyping. It is a merchant account processor that ensures thousands of dollars are saved monthly. It allows you to focus on the next step to expanding your business. Frank operates a family business – an independent hardware store in the Midwest. Recently he decided to install one of Swyping’s POS systems. Is subsequently allowing him to grow his budget and expand the commercial space itself, eventually driving out the competition.

It’s crystal clear that Swyping will become a huge deal since it allows customers to have ultimate control over their budgets. It’s a merchant processor that doesn’t leave you to feel cheated at the end of the day. Whether you operate completely online or have a retail store, or anything in between. Swyping can adapt to your needs: POS systems, credit card machines, mobile credit card processing, or virtual terminals.

You might ask yourself at this point: okay, how does Swyping itself prosper, since it offers so many great services for a fraction of the costs found in traditional methods? We left the best reason for last why you should choose Swyping when processing checks or credit cards. It only costs you $35 a month! That’s right, no matter how many thousands of dollars you end up saving. Or whether you have a chain of electronic stores or just a small shop, the price remains always the same. Swyping offers merchant services of great quality. And they are affiliated with the reputable Wells Fargo, the third largest bank in the US.



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